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Register a Flag Assitance


• Arrange initial registration surveys and oversee the smooth transfer of your purchase ship to the new ship owner/owners Registerd

• co-ordinate or modifications to your existing ship

• organise annual and statutory surveys so your ship meets international standards of safety and pollution prevention

• provide technical advice on the details of certification,

• plans and operational information for your ship before and during registration

We take care of FLAG, Registraion

1- Three Months, ( or called:    Single delivery voyage certificate )

2- Six months, and permenat flag


Every vessel that wants to travel internationally and cross international borders must be registered with new owner.


Increased Maneuverability

Moving your valuables overseas can be a stressful process, and requires a great deal of knowledge and understanding from Japan need a trusted company. STOKYO SHIP& MARINE  is recognized Officialy as one of the Registared Company in Japan for international forwarders in the world. We are experts in customs requirements, overseas shipping methods, and international packing. Making this transition as seamless as possible for you is our top priority.

We support local Assitance all over Japan.  

We can cordinate your cargo

We import your cargo and do all formalities

Export formalities form Port to port or door to door

our safty services:

We keep track our cargo & ships around world till reacch our customers, we have 24 hours services during sailing ship or cargo.

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